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Cancelling child support order

Rolling Meadows, IL |

My daughter is 18 and is no longer in school and I'm payting support out of my unemployment checks. the original order was to end @ 18 yrs old but they continue to take because back pay. now she' not living @ home and is on her own and her mom claim she's not recieving any money but they continue to take money from me. maybe she's lying to me but she is willing to go to court with me to try and stop the deductions from my check. the order was from cook county in Illinois.

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If you have an arrearage in child support, then they will continue to take out money until that arreage has been paid. Could it be that the mother was on public aid? Then Public Aid will puruse the arrearage until the amount is paid off.

Public Aid could have made a mistake and miscacluclated how much you do owe -- you might want to consult an experienced family law attorney in your area.

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