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Canadian customs background check

Cedar Rapids, IA |

Just curious for any insight as to how Canadian customs performs their background check, as I am hoping to attend the Olympics in Vancouver.

I have a unique situation where the name on my passport (my legal name) differs from the name on my drivers license which contains DUI convictions....for example, my legal name is "John James Smith III" but the DUIs on my driving record are under "John James Smith-Johnson" (a hyphenated version from youth, not sure how this was accomplished). It should be noted that I also have a driver license from another state which has a perfectly clean record and contains my legal name.

One of the DUI convictions is recent enough to make me ineligible for "rehabilitation", so obviously my only hope is that they wouldn't/couldn't make this connection.

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Seems as though you have done significant research my guess is that they would have access to what we call in America an NCIC which is developed by the Federal Government and would show likley all DUI convictions under your social security number. The latest DUI conviction if within 10 years will probably show up but it is impossible for me to know for sure Take alook at this site for inadmissability to Canada.

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