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Canadian citizen charged with DUI in Washington USA. Will I still be able to travel to or enter the United States from Canada?

Ferndale, WA |

So can I still travel to the states from Canada? If I get asked if I have a criminal record what should I say? Is the Washington DUI connected to my Canadian ID or my Canadian passport?

I was charged and plead guilty to a DUI in Washington. I have jumped through all the hoops and I am on inactive probation. At the time they did not suspend my Canadian driver's license and they did not have my passport information. I was worried about whether entering US with a DUI charge in Washington was going to make things difficult for me.

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Unlike the reverse situation, where Canada will bar a US citizen with a DWI record, the US will still admit a Canadian citizen with a DUI into the country. The US conviction,, however, will go on your provincial driving record; your next DWI will be as a repeat offender regardless of where you committed it.


I agree with Mr. Seifert. The Washington State DUI conviction will not bar your entry into the United States. However , A U.S. citizen with a DUI conviction can not enter Canada. Feel free to travel in the U.S. Disclose your conviction if asked.Truth never blushes.Also, the Washington DUI is not connected to your passport.The Washington DUI can be used to enhance your punishment if you are convicted of another DUI offense.


Yes, you will still be able to travel to the United States even as a Canadian charged with a DUI in the US, provided there are no other bars to entry.

If asked whether you have a criminal record, you should not be dishonest as the border patrol can easily check a database to find out if you have been truthful. It may be helpful to have your court paperwork with you for the border crossing to show that you have resolved the case and are on inactive probation.

In an abundance of caution, you may call the court where your DUI case was resolved to be sure that you have not missed any hearings that may have been set following your sentencing. If you missed any hearings because you did not get notice of them, the court will have a warrant for your arrest outstanding, for which the border patrol could take you into custody. It sounds, however, as though this is not a concern, but double-checking would not hurt.

If you are re-entering Washington from Canada, be certain that you have had your privilege to drive reinstated after the DUI if you intend to drive. You can check on the website below or obtain the phone number and call them directly. Be certain also, that you not violate any of the conditions of your probation while in WA.

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