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Can your probation officer still have contact with you even though your serving a prison sentence with no more probation?

Phoenix, AZ |

My husband is currently in prison for a probation violation. He is no longer on probation since he is serving his prison sentence. He will be released out on parole afterwords. Can his probation officer still have contact with him even though he is no longer on probation? His probation officer has been harassing our family and friends.

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Since he is no longer on probation, the probation officer has no legal authority over him. He is not required to speak with the probation officer at all. If the probation officer continues to harass your husband, family or friends then you should complain to the probation officer's supervisor.


This sounds odd to me. You may want to talk to the PO or his/her supervisor and ask for what legitimate purpose the PO is talking w/your husband. Also, YOU need to consult with an experienced Criminal Defense/DWI atty. from your area ASAP.

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