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Can your parents keep your S.S and birth certificate when your an adult. my mom wont give it to me and im 17

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my mother and i dont really have a good relationship. she's been abusive at times and i cant really live a normal teenage life. i have no freedom at all. when im 18 i want to leave. my birthday is in 3 months so im trying to get things together now and be ready (my mom doesnt know about what im planning on doing)but when i ask her for my social or my bitrth certificate she wont give me it. can she keep my personal documents?

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Yes, she can. But, sending away for duplicates is something you do. You have to wait until you are 18, otherwise you would need the signature of your parent or legal guardian. Sending away for it does not take very long though and you can even pay to get it on an expedited basis. The form is available online. The cost is pretty low. Here is the link:
Social Security also has a form. You fill in the form and take it to a local social security office. I suggest you get the birth certificate first and then get the social security card.
You may want to have items mailed to you at an alternate location such as a friend's address or get your own P.O. Box.
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Once you turn 18, you are able to request copies of all items for the issuing agencies.

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