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Can your employer take of $2.00 of your hourly pay also take away your 2 weeks paid vacation and not pay you holiday overtime.

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I have been working for an elderly woman for the past 2 years making $13.33/hr I work a total of 48hr I also get 2 weeks paid vaction and overtime if I work on public holiday. I was recently informed by my employer because of the curent situation of the economy he will have to make cut backs thoes will include a 15% cut to my weekly pay no paid vacation and no overtime if I work on holiday . I would like to know my rights and if this is legal he also say if i don't agree with the changes he will have to replace me.

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No this is not legal and your previous arrangement does not sound legal either. If NY has a labor comissioner or something similar (I am sure they do) file a complaint. The only problem I foresee is that you are his only employee. Many labor laws are written to cover shops of 5 or more.