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Can you use the recording the cops have to strengthen your case in a trial???

Orange, TX |

I ask this because I feel the things I said and the tactics the cops used and didn't work can I use this in trial can I request the recordings the cops tried go use against me but backfired.

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Generally speaking, you are entitled to everything the police and prosecutor have through discovery.

If you want a trial, though, you very much want an attorney; there are plenty of rules and pitfalls.

And criminal attorneys love winnable cases . . .


You will want to request the recording long before trial. Have your attorney file a motion for discovery. (Or even perhaps a Brady motion.) You will want to be certain that you have a method for introducing the video as an authentic copy. The court may rule portions of the video as inadmissible, you may need to have those portions edited out. Good luck

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Of course. Your attorney will receive copies of all of these videos during the discovery process. If you feel they benefit you and the State does not introduce them at trial, you are free to.

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