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Can you travel in the us when you are out on immigration bond???

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i was wonderin if you can travel around in the us when your out on immigration bail.. i know u cant travel around the world but can my friend come visit me?? and he is out on imiigration bond rite now??

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Generally your friend should be able to travel within the United States without restriction. That said, be sure that there were no specific restrictions placed on his release. For example, in some cases aliens may be under a restrictive supervision order. If this is the case case with your friend, he'll want to be sure to be in full compliance with the specifics of that order.

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Sometimes people are released on the ISAP program, where they have an ankle bracelet or need to check in periodically. If this applies to your friend, he or she should make sure to comply with any restrictions arising from that program. The friend should also make absolutely sure not to miss the court date, or else he/she will be ordered removed (deported) in his/her absence.