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Can you take discrimnation and personal injury to federal court and drop discrimnation and take personal injury to supreme court

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will the witness have a jury at the supreme court as the same in federal court how can the lawyer change courts and why did he i know something is wrong this case is almost eight years i want a new lawyer i ask for a settlement an was said we can go higher but my decision was denied said was not pay in begining that open my eye's to 13 adjournments i don't like the control cause it's not the law don't a case an drag it your way this is my case i'm the boss

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If you have issues with your lawyer, schedule a sit-down with him to discuss, or retain a new lawyer.


You can get a new lawyer if you desire, but you should also know that your current lawyer likely has a lot of money and time invested in your case, and he/she can place a lien against any settlement you later get with another lawyer to recover his investment in your case. There is no jury in the Supreme Court.

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You should sit down with your present attorney and clear the air and ask straight questions and get straight answers. There may be complications of the case, or he may have so much invested in it that he doesn't want to settle for the offer and you do, or a number of other reasons. One can't just switch courts after 8 years of litigation. There are a lot of problems if it is possible at all at this point.

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