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Can you sue or call the authorities for slander/ emotional distress?

Houston, TX |

A women has opened a Facebook account with my 1st and last name and added "a'Cheater" for the last name. She uploaded very explicit photos of me. Can I sue/ call the authorities for slander/ emotional distress?

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You might be able to get the problem solved through Facebook's policies and procedures -- try that first. And you could probably sue the person for defamation, etc., but it depends on some details. Talk further with a lawyer if that's the route you want to follow.


Actually, this is an interesting situation. Your name has been falsely used, but according to you the only contents of the FB page are pictures of you. The pictures of you, if not altered, are "truthful" images of you, so it can not be said that they are "defamatory". The only negative statement you refer to is the one word "Cheater" - which is vague and generally can be viewed as an opinion. Try contacting FB, tell them the page using your name is from you, basically falsely made, and try to get them to take it down. You can try speaking with a local lawyer to see about sending a Cease and Desist letter (claim intentional infliction of emotional distress), if you know who the author of this charade is.


Report abuse to FB.

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