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Can you sue for Internet harassment and defamation of character

Chicago, IL |

My boyfriend for over 20 years is being harassed by a former friend who grew more feelings for him then was there. She became pregnant while on a vacation with friends which he was not there, came back and
started telling everyone that she's
having his baby. she posted pictures of him and her together from the past with captions this is the daddys baby. she wrote on my Facebook wall that he is the father. It is now 5 months later and she is still posting his pictures along with accusations on Facebook making everything public not private on her page. is there anything we can do this is getting very frustrating and very stressful.....

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Attorney answers 3


Your boyfriend should retain an attorney to send her a Cease and Desist letter. If that fails, he could consider a defamation suit but if she has limited economic resources, nothing would be achieved as there would be nothing to collect against and such lawsuits are expensive to prosecute. There is one thing that he can do after the baby is born but only if, and I mean ONLY IF there can be absolutely no chance - not even a remote one- that he can be the father. Insist on a paternity test and when it comes back negative, she will be exposed for the liar she is.


Report the abuse to FB. Have a local lawyer send a cease and desist letter.


Consider consulting with an attorney in your location.