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Can you sue an attorney for not representing you the way he should?

San Jose, CA |

I recently got a restraining order on me by my ex-boyfriend who was falsely accusing me of things that I have not done and my attorney, not only misrepresented me during the trial, and did not follow the procedure of responding to the first temporary one, but also he was making stupid mistakes at the court that even the judge was criticizing him and telling him that he should know better, so he really below it for me and his lack of experience and knowledge of his job caused me to fail and receive the restraining order that I did not deserve. Can I make a complaint about him and sue him for that?

(He was so incompetent that I incurred this unfair restraining order resulting from his negligence). He did not even spend anytime with me to get ready for the trial, which actually he thought is going to be an arraignment!!

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Possibly. You probably need to get a transcript of the hearing and have it reviewed by an attorney to practices in the same area to see if there was incompetence.

My standard disclaimer: I am not offering legal advice or services, assume all of my advice is completely incorrect, assume I do not know the law in your state and assume that I am just making suggestions for starting points for when you do speak with an attorney. Do NOT rely on anything I write and contact a lawyer in your area immediately after reading my posting.

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