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Can you sue a business for messing up your business'' credit rating?

Chicago, IL |

My business has a dispute with another business. They say I owe them money which I am sure I do not. I have explained this to them repeatedly and they have threatened to send me to collections. If they do so and are wrong about me owing them money, can I sue them for messing up my businesses credit score and reputation?

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You can sue anybody you like for just about anything you can think of. Will you prevail? Not likely, unless you can prove falsehood AND actual damages (i.e. - money that you lost because of their false report), not just allege general harm to your credit score. This is very difficult to do and will cost you considerable time and effort.


Demand proof of the debt that you allegedly owe. Clearly one of you is mistaken. Before threatening to sue, see what proof the company has. Then bring that proof to a collection lawyer for assistance.


Yes, anyone can sue anyone for anything, any time, any where for any reason. Will you get summarily dismissed or lose? Sounds like it here. You have to prove actual economic harm and prove to the judge you do not owe the debt and get the judge to find the other party is negligent or willful in wrecking your credit. Showing a dispute and aggressive collection efforts on their part will not be enough.

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