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Can you subpoena text messages?

Bloomington, IL |

My new wife of 3 months admitted to a small affair. She and the man admitted they would not longer text one another. I asked her what those text messages said and she did not want to tell me because she felt it could hurt my feelings. Now, i'm being a little paranoid for something over text messages and a visit to his office for an evening smooch. But, what if they could be planning my death for insurance or something! I mean, this type of thing does happen. I need to see those text messages to ease my mind that nothing is planned against me. Both of our phones are in my name.

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Attorney answers 1


If you honestly feel that you are in any kind of danger, you need to speak with an attorney right away. That being said, it doesn't sound as if you have any current litigation with your new wife. The purpose of a subpoena, generally, is to force a witness to appear before some kind of court or other tribunal and give testimony or produce documents. Another avenue is to potentially contact your phone company and see if they have any way of giving you the texts. But for a subpoena, you're most likely going to need an attorney. Good luck to you!