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Can you stop owners from renting out their homes to section 8 individuals?

Denham Springs, LA |

I was wondering are there any laws that protect homeowners from section 8 tenants moving into a subdivision or having homeowners rent out their homes which in return is destroying the rest of our property values. I was just wondering? Or would it be unlawful for the HOA to put something in the Bylaws restricting this type of act?

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You can not restrict a home owner from renting their home to a person who has a Section 8 housing voucher. However, if the subdivision has restrictions, the home owner is required to continue to follow those restrictions. Also, their are requirements for tenants in Section 8 housing. You should contact the housing authority that administers the section 8 housing in your city and see what requirements are for section 8 tenants, and if your neighbors are not following the requirements, then you can report this to the housing administrator. If that does not satisfy you, you can go to the municipal government or parish government that is over the housing board and make a complaint to them. Finally, if the neighbors are causing what would be considered a nuisance, you could file suit against them and the home owner.