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Can you stop grandparents from taking weekend custody?

Greensburg, PA |

the grandparents have been investigated by cps for supplying underage drinking but nothing was found. they have stated they would allow access to father who is a registered sex offender and the aunt who has prostitution charges. basically the fathers loophole to do whatever he wants

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There are some relevant facts missing from your question, mainly, is there a court order granting the grandparents weekend custody? If there is not, then no, it wouldn't appear that you'd have to send the children. If there is an order granting them weekend custody, then absent an emergency involving actual danger to the children, you have to comply. If there is an order, and these issues haven't already been raised in court, then you should promptly consult with your attorney as this is a question that should be addressed with her or him. If you don't have an attorney, then you really should consult with an experienced family law attorney in your area as soon as possible. A word of caution - this may not be an emergency custody case, particularly since you indicated that CPS has already investigated the underage drinking issue. Also, although I'm certainly not trying to downplay the fact that the father is a registered sex offender, I must point out that people end up on that registry for a very wide variety of reasons, some of which do not necessarily make them a threat to children. As far as the aunt and prostitution charges, I say discuss that with the attorney when you meet.

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If no order granting it, then yes. Just say no. If there is an order granting and you're concerned, talk to an attorney about modifying it. I'm reading into your question, perhaps erroneously, the father has either no visitation or restricted visitation.

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