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Can you still press charges 10 years after you were molested by your father?

Plano, TX |

My sister was molested by our father at the age of 11. it took place for about 2 months until my parents divorced due to domestic violence. We moved with my mom from California to Texas and have been living here for over 10 years. A year after the divorce my dad came to visit because he still had visitation rights. My sister claims she never said anything because of fear from what my dad would tell her would happen, in other words, he would threaten her. When we were younger he got us cell phones but now i know it was to keep track of my sister. We haven't had any communication with him for the past 5 years and my sister is currently 22. Certain events took place at home that helped her build up her confidence and finally told my mother and I.

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In Texas she could still file charges. But you would probably need to file the charges in the state where the molestation occurred. If the molestation occurred in California, then you really need to check with the Sheriff's office or Prosecutor in the county where the molestation occurred to see if they will prosecute your father and/or if the statute of limitations has run.

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Your post indicates wrongful acts in two places [CA &TX]. Your sister should contac authorities in both. Though there are some hurdles to actual prosecution, your sister can still report it. I cannot advise or suggest as to TX law wher I think a second and later event took place.
She should also speak to a local PI attorney.

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Yes in Texas there is no statute of limitations for filing charges.