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Can you still become a new york state certified teacher with a dwi charge?

Buffalo, NY |

I was charged and convicted with a DWI in NYS. I am looking to become a k-5 teacher. and also continue my education. am i wasting my time getting a degree in a field that wont allow me to work?

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That would take some research, and really is a question for the NYS agency that certifies teachers. An absolute bar on certification would seem pretty harsh. I would expect that there would be a method in which you could explain your conviction and be allowed to be certified, especially as more time passes since your conviction date. There may be a way to contact the agency and get an expaination from them as to what the guidelines are for such situations, which cases have been denied certification, and which have not. Then, you should be make a determination as to whether you can move forward with your education plans.