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Can you sponsor your wife when you are unemployed?

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Am a US citizen and recently applied for my wife's green card. My past three year tax returns have far exceeded the poverty guidelines for our household size of 5, exceeding by 2-3 times. But, because I was working overseas, I had to quit to move back with my family and therefore, have been unemployed looking for the right job for the past 8 months. Don't have much assets and I don't have anyone to co-sponsor me. Can I still sponsor her? Would appreciate your response. Thank you.

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Yes, you can. Work with an immigration lawyer.

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Depends what sponsor means. File an I-130 or I-864, yes. overcome income requirements? No.

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Yes, it is possible. You may need assistance of a co-sponsor. Consult with an immigration attorney in your area for more information on sponsoring.

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As my colleagues have stated, it is possible to sponsor your wife even without steady income. Depending on your savings and other assets, it is possible you could qualify based on those. If your wife is working legally in the U.S., then her income can count towards your household as well. Finally, if you do not meet the financial requirements on your own, you can seek a friend or relative to be a "co-sponsor."

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