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Can you settle a credit card debt after a court summons. Do I deal w/the credit card issuer or the law firm?

Saint Joseph, MO |

wife was just served for a court for credit card debt. (Citi-Sears). If I borrow money, can I try a lump some settlement before the court date. If so, should I try Citibank first, or go through there attorney? How much would they accept (amount in suit is approx 3,000.00)

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Yes, credit card companies, and their lawyers, are almost always open to settlement, even after the lawsuit has been filed (even after judgment in fact). The most appropriate thing to do is to contact the law firm who filed the case. You can usually work out payments with them, so you pay off the $3000 over 1-5 years, rather than a lump sum. Tell them you just don't have the money, but can offer payments, you also want to ask for no interest while you pay it off (which they usually can do). Finally, if you have other debts it may be a good idea to consider bankruptcy. You're going to spend more settling this one account than a bankruptcy would cost you (usually), so you might consult with a bankruptcy attorney in your area before doing anything more. Most bankruptcy attorneys offer a free initial consultation to give you an idea of what options you have. Good luck.