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Can you request more license suspension time to qualify for an Occupational License?

Wilkes Barre, PA |

Got charged with a DUI and a Refusal that after my ARD will result in about 14 months of license suspension. It says that in order to qualify for an occupational license (so I can drive to school and work) the sentencing must be 18 months or greater. Can my lawyer request more time for my ARD suspension (2 months) so that I fall in that gap?

I also just read that one of the exceptions is if it a one year suspension for first time and can be done after 60 days of surrendering my license. Can they issue an Occupational License for any range of months I might be suspended after the initial 60 days ? Or should I apply for an OLL before my appeal date for refusal ?

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Interesting idea but even it were possible to convince PennDOT to add months to a refusal suspension to bring it up to 18 you wouldn't be eligible for an OLL until 12 months had been served on the refusal AND have to install guardian interlock on owned vehicles.Add that your ARD suspension and you still have 14 months plus interlock.

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No, it's against statute so it can't be done.

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