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Can you please find me a loan company with no money upfront?

Youngstown, OH |

My sister and I need money to help pay for medical bills, plus other household problems. I have lost over $1800 in trying to get a loan. Please help.

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We are attorneys, not magicians, and we don't provide loans. In addition, the rules on this site prevent us from soliciting business. Hope this perspective helps!


Borrowing money to pay other debt is NOT a solution to debt. If the medical bills won't work with you, maybe consider other alternatives, like bankruptcy.

As stated, we are not lenders, so we don't know any loan companies that can help, and in our heart of hearts, I doubt it would be a solution we would endorse.


This not the type work attorneys do. You should see a debt counselor or a loan officer.

Attorney Sternberg is admitted to the practice of law only in the State of Ohio. His answering of this question does not constitute an attorney client relationship, nor can his answer be relied on since the question does not permit Attorney Sternberg to seek additional information necessary to render an legal opinion.

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