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Can you pass a moving school bus with yellow flashing lights?

Erie, PA |

While driving home from work today, I passed a school bus traveling the opposite directions with its flashing yellow lights. The bus was not stopped so I thought it was ok to keep going. As I was passing the bus, it put on its red lights and stop sign. If I would have stopped then, I would have been halfway past the bus. Is that ok in that situation to keep going. The bus driver honked at me, but I didn't think I was in the wrong. Do you think I will receive something in the mail about this?

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You may receive a citation in the mail because the flashing yellow lights signal to all drivers that the bus is preparing to stop and you should be stopping as well. I think you could ask a judge to consider the circumstances that you didn't want to be stopped halfway past the bus, but technically you have violated the statute.

If you do receive a citation, make sure to enter a plea of not guilty and attempt to resolve the matter to a lesser charge. Passing a school bus in PA is a possible 5 point violation.

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Plus a mandatory sixty day suspension of your driving privileges. Promptly consult with an attorney.

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Both of my colleagues are correct. If you get a citation in the mail, plead NOT GUILTY and ask for a hearing and contact a lawyer who handles this kind of case. Depending on the ticket and violation cited... 3345a is 5 points and 60 day suspension when the red light are flashing. With proper representation, a less charge may be negotiated.