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Can you order a private company's annual report?

Wilmington, DE |

I am interested in knowing about a company that is incorporated in Delaware. I went to the Delaware state site and I found the company in the division of corporation site and it says to order the annual report I have to call a number.

Will they let me order one if I am not part of the company? Or do I have to be part of the company to be able to buy an annual report? I want to see who owns the company and who are officers listed.

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You can a public document.

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You can order a copy of the report. You generally have to do so through a "Registered Agent" with access to the Division of Corporations database.

There will be a charge for the report.

Depending on how the company is organized, you may not be able to find out who the shareholders are, but you should be able to find out who the officers are.

Best of luck.

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