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Can you move out when you are 16 in Missouri and live on your own with or without parental consent?

Deepwater, MO |

I am 15 turning 16 in July. I have a solid job and can pay for my own bills and such.

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Thank you for contacting the Law Office of Stephanie M. Burton, LLC. Sorry pal, the age of majority in Missouri is 18 and you are still under the custody of your parents.

I don't know what all is going on at home but I am guessing at 16 whatever job you have is not paying as much as you think it is. Do not grow up any sooner than you have to because trust me when I say the grass is not greener on the other side. I am someone who has not lived at home since the age of 16 and it has not been easy. It definitely was not my choice to leave. I was good student, not sexually active, and involved in extracurricular activities and one day my life turned completely upside down.

I worked a full time job at 16 and made fairly decent money for a 16 year old. No one will rent to a 16 year old, and if they do rent, car, insurance, gas, food, utilities, etc. are costly. That does not include clothing, entertainment, and the like. The problem with going out so young is that you don't incur legal liability for your debts and people aren't going to take a chance on someone they have no legal remedy against.

Like I said, I don't know what is going on with you parents, but work it out. Go to school, get and education, and when you go to college, move into the dorms. Life hits real hard and if you are not getting beaten, molested, starved, or the like, then stick it out. If all those things were going on, child services would have already removed you. Trust me you are not ready. I'm pleading with you to not make that mistake. Keep working and save for when you are 18. Life stinks my friend, and you don't want to have to join the ranks of the miserable until you have to. Don't worry, life will give you a birthday card filled with bills on your 18th birthday just like it did the rest of us. Take care.



please contact me at 870-740-2997 my girlfriend is 16 and has my kid and i have a job and a place to live and im wondering if she can move with me i will not be able to see if you comment back so please give me a call as soon as possible