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Can you move out before you graduate as long as your 18?

Columbus, OH |

My fiance and I are 18 years old and live in Ohio. We have a baby on the way and want to move out of our parents houses, my parents are fine with it however, his mom is saying he cannot legally move out until he graduates. Is this true and if so how would we get around this law, because his family has been trying to keep him away from me since they found out that I am pregnant. He wants to be part of mine and our child's life but his family is making it very difficult and we are getting tired of it.

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Age of majority is 18 or graduation from high school, whichever comes first. They are wrong. Of course, there are financial issues. How are the two of you going to pay rent, food, and for the baby?

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Thank you very much. That proves my point that his mother has no clue what she is talking about.


Ohio allows males to marry at 18 and females at 14. If you are a minor, then you must have parental consent. At age 18 you are considered an adult. What does get confusing here is that child support paid for a minor continues until the child is 18 AND graduated from high school.

You should go to your local probate court and ask about a license. Photo id will be required. You can review the form and ask any questions that you have.

Best of Luck.


He can move out but this sounds like a really bad idea. He likely won't be paying support for your child because you likely won't make him, in addition you are likely depriving your child of a potentially significant source of support, his parents. By living at home he has many expenses paid for and that means there might be more money available for your child. The same goes for you.

While grandparents don't usually have an obligation of support most parents support their kids past 18 (abet perhaps indirectly) especially if they are living with them. You child will benefit from having a safe place to stay. It is probably a better place than anything 2 18 year olds can provide. I wish you the best and commend you for wanting dad to be in your child's life. Just remember when your stability goes, your relationship with this man will be the first thing to suffer.

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