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Can you move out at the age of 17 in Georgia without parent's consent?

Woodstock, GA |

I've known a few people who left home at 17. When their parents called the police on them, the officer told the 17 year old that he couldn't make him go back home. I keep reading that you have to be 18 though.

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The law considers you a minor until you are 18.
You can make your own decisions, including where you live if you are emancipated by the court.


You keep reading that you have to be 18 because the law considers you to be a minor until you reach age 18. A police officer's reluctance to enforce the law has no bearing on what the law is. (While some officers choose to ignore the law when it comes to a seventeen year old, it would be just your luck that your parents call an officer that actually enforces it.) To make your own decisions about living arrangements, you must be emancipated by age (18), occupation (military), marital status (married) or court order. At age 17, waiting for your next mother makes more sense (in most cases) than pursuing the court order.

I hope this information helps answer your question(s).

~ Kem Eyo

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