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Can you live together while in the process of filing for divorce in Texas?

Rockwall, TX |

Are you able to live together during the process of filing for divorce in Texas? I noticed that you have to put your address on the paperwork and we do not have seperate living at this time.

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Yes, you can live in the same house during the divorce process. It is advisable that you obtain separate living arrangements as soon as you can though.


I have found that, in this economy, more and more ex-couples are sharing a home during the divorce process. While I would often not recommend it due to the stress and complications it can cause, Texas law does not currently require that divorcing people have separate residences. When there are children involved, it can make the transition easier (assuming the parents are able to be amicable), and it can definitely make more sense financially for the parties not to have to pay for a second residence, especially if it is unclear whether the family home will be sold or who will keep it in the end.


Be aware that most Judges will not sign the final decree if they find out you are still living together.

If you have not already talked to a good family law attorney, I strongly suggest you consider doing so.

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