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Can you legally move out at 17 without emancipation and parental consent?

Duryea, PA |

I have no interest in living with my family anymore.My mother is a bipolar lunatic,my father gives into her insanity,& I can't put up with it anymore.My boyfriends mother has allowed me to move in with them,but I know my parents will be against it.I'm currently 17,so is it possible for me to move out without emancipation and parental consent?And my parents call the cops to come get me,can they actually end up taking me home?

my boyfriends living with his senile grandfather and wants out of there and he is wanting to come stay with me and we dont know what to do his grandpa lies to him and somtimes puts threats out to him and wont even let him come see me

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Age ot majority for you is 18. Until you are 18 or emancipated, your parents "are the boss of you".

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