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Can you go to the bars and drink when on probation for a year for a DWI?

Muncie, IN |

This is my first offense with a clean record and I am 20 years old. I was wondering for my 21st birthday if I am allowed to go to the bars and drink in Indiana.

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A standard condition of probation is no alcohol. Check with your PO before you imbibe. Good luck.

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IGNORE that first answer. Do not call your probation officer (PO) and ask if it’s OK to go drinking on your 21st birthday while on probation for a DWI. Read your probation order, it's in English. If you don't have a copy of it, then ask to get a copy from your PO, but don't ask that question, because the answer should be NO YOU CAN NOT go out drinking while on probation for driving while intoxicated, but even if you could, would you want your PO to know that you are out celebrating and drinking on your 21st birthday.

I wouldn't let my PO know anything except that I'm doing everything that I am suppose to do. Get a copy of your probation order, lay low on the 21st and if you do drink, make sure it doesn't come to anyone attention to include your probation officer.

Good luck and happy birthday.


I don't practice in IN. A standard condition of DUI is not to drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in your system. I would think that as long as you do not drive you will be okay to drink, provided you are 21.

Edward J. Blum


It all depends on what the terms and conditions of your probation say. It is not uncommon in Washington (where I practice) for first time offenders to be allowed to drink alcohol as long as it isn't against the law and doesn't conflict with a condition of treatment. Check your paper work,