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Can you go to jail for stealing illegal drugs? ex. Marijuana.

Pittsburgh, PA |

I stole $120 worth of marijuana and got caught by the police ( i was not in possession of drugs ) and they are saying its robbery but i did not use force the kid handed it to me and we drove off? No physical harm was done to anyone.

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You need to stop posting incriminating information online and retain an experienced defense attorney. The attorney will be able to comment on the Commonwealth's case.


The short answer ti your initial question is YES. Robbery comes in many flavors and does not require application of force or use of a weapon. Robbery is, in any of its forms, a very serious offense. You should stop posting information about this matter in a public website like this or anywhere else on the Internet, including social media like Facebook. You should instead be consulting with qualified criminal defense counsel immediately. Most of us here, myself included, will provide you with a no-cost consultation. Take advantage of that opportunity to speak privately and confidentially with suitable counsel.


Stop posting incriminating information on line and retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. This is a serious matter so if you cannot afford a private lawyer, at least apply for a public defender.


yes, it sounds like robbery and you can be charged.