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Can you give me advice, and also help me get a pro bono lawyer for my sister? she has a public defender.

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my sister lives in New Berlin, NY. She has been jailed last December, and is looking at jail time again, because she is going to trial on a different case. Her daughter is in foster care. She has been in foster cares since December 2011. It has been a year and a month. I need to get her a real lawyer. She says her public defender has not helped her since this whole incident started. He won't even call her. He emails her, but only after several calls to his office, and several emails to him. She needs help to sort all this mess out. She is doing it by herself, and getting nowhere. She has no money, and would need a pro-bono lawyer.

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It is extremely rare for an attorney to take on a criminal case pro bono. This is due in large part because people who cannot afford an attorney get one for free from the state. In your sisters case if she isn't satisfied with her attorney she should mention it to the court and ask that a new attorney be assigned to represent her.


It is unlikrly to find a pro bono criminal defense lawyer because there are public defenders. She can ask the Judge to appoint someone else.

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Keep in mind that if she asks the judge to assign her a different attorney, a) she might like the new attorney even less than her current one, and b) the new attorney will require time to get up to speed on the case, thus delaying it even more.