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Can you get your armed robbery charged dropped down to robbery?

Dallas, TX |

my boyfriend and his friend had the intentions of just committing a regular "snatch and grab" but his partner ended up pulling out a gun and beating the store clerk. my boyfriend didn't know all of that was going to happen though. is it possible that if he is willing to testify that he could get a lesser charge for his testimony.

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Possible. Have him ask his attorney.


Texas (under 29.02 of Penal Code) recognizes robbery and aggravated robbery as a charge. Thus, if you are asking can aggravated robbery be reduced to simple robbery, then that is work for the accused's lawyer. Sometimes D.A.'s offer time on a reduced charge... but not likely if the D.A has a strong case. You have given some very detailed facts on this public forum which is not good. The best advice I can give is to not do this. These are facts that should be discussed only with an accused's lawyer.

The information provided is not advice but a legal perspective and you should schedule a consultation with the lawyer of your choice.


these facts sound very bad since someone was beaten with the gun - it is possible for there to be a reduction in charges but you need a good lawyer to speak on your behalf. In Dallas I suggest Carl David Ceder.

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