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Can you get unemployment after you was denied for misconduct? Is it easy? I appealed. Do you think I lost ? please help

Durham, NC |

Unemployment Benefits. I have had other written up but this was never intentional.

I already had my appeal, I'm just waiting. My appeal judge was R.A. Livingston. I'm not feeling really good about this. Its over 3000 in back pay :(

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Unfortunately, there is little that can be done at this point. The hearing is over and Appeals Referee Livingstone will issue a written decision on your appeal. If she denies your unemployment, you can appeal that decision. However, to win that appeal, you would have to point out a legal error that she committed during the hearing or in her decision. Those appeals are very rarely won.

Hindsight is 20/20, but it is always best to retain an attorney to represent you at an unemployment appeals hearing.

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Misconduct is normally a reason to deny unemployment. There may be ways to fight it, but that is usually by presenting evidence at the hearing showing it is a pretext, for example by showing that other employees with similar misconduct were treated differently. By the time you get to the appeal, the person reviewing it doesn't re-decide the facts, only looks to see if there was some error. So your instincts are probably right.

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