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Can you get paroled out of prison to an IOP program without completing a substance abuse course within the prison system?

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My wife is in prison for a class D felony drug posession charge. She is due for a parole hearing next month in February and could possibly get out in April. Will the parole board grant her parole and allow her to complete her drug treatment in an IOP program without completing a substance abuse course in prison. She has been trying to get enrolled in a course in prison for the past four months but the system has been so backed up due to over crowding. Her counselor told her that she is too close to her parole date to start now.

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It is possible. It will be up to the parole board. I have heard of parolees competing SAP outside of prison. But, the bottom line is it is up to the parole board. There has been a push to get offenders treatment within the community rather than incarcerating them which may make the parole board more amenable to her receiving treatment while on parole. Good luck!

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The penitentiary has limited resources especially in the area of substance abuse. An IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program ) is certainly something she should present to the parole board in her plea for parole. Get the details of a program and present them to the parole board at her hearing.

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