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Can you get in trouble for prank call someone? can it be consider harassment?

Garden Grove, CA |

my friend prank call a girl over a years ago and he was worry if he could get in trouble because this girl is in different state and they only met through myspace and when he prank call he doesnt say anything and just wait till she say hello and hang up... what is the sol on that and what could happen, it was over a years ago

and this girl live really far from him like in different state and she doesnt know much about him... they just met through the social network, and my friend hided his number too. my friend actually talk to this girl like 3 to 4 years ago but things doesnt work out so they stop talking but then 3 years later he just saw her number on his contact list so he just prank call her with number hidden and didnt say anything and just hang up and my friend also have no connection to the state that the girl live in like he never been there or have anything there, the only time he was there was because he have to wait for a flight to continue his destination

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After a year there is little to be concerned about.

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I agree with counsel that enough time has passed that you're probably in the clear although that could change if it were to recur.

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Prank calls are covered under 653m of the Penal Code and are misdemeanors. The statute if limitations is one year, so it's probably behind you now. Don't start back up though.

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Michael John Tonsing

Michael John Tonsing


I am not sure that the fact that the recipient of the prank call was in another state doesn't create a bit of an issue for you or your friend. The California Penal Code might not control. Perhaps the fact that the victim, if they are in fact the victim, was in another state might mean that that state's law would be invoked rather than California's. If she were to complain to a prosecutor, it seems doubtful to me that she would complain to a California district attorney rather than a prosecutor in her own local jurisdiction. Also, it is quite conceivable to me that there might be federal laws that address this issue that I am unaware of. On the other hand, it seems very unlikely to me that someone who did not actually receive a message but merely was harassed by silence would want to aggressively pursue the caller after all this time. Perhaps the best thing to come out of all of this is the remorse that seems to have set in now. Such behavior is worse than juvenile. It is quite probably actionable civilly and/or criminally. What will probably come out of this is the realization that such behavior should never be repeated. Good luck to your friend.