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Can you get charge for shoplifting days after the fact?

Oklahoma |

I walked out of the store with merchandise in a mesh bag on accident. I went up to the check out and purchased the items in my hand and forgot about the bag. I paid for the stuff with my credit card so they have my name. I went to my car and to another store and went home. The next day I got the stuff out of the car and noticed the mesh bag.

I wanted to return the stuff to the store and buy it like I thought I had, but this was two days later and I am worried they won't believe it was an accident and I will get arrested and fined.

They have my name and I am sure someone had to have seen me leave because I wasn't trying to hide anything. Plus I have to be on camera. I remember when I was leaving the mall a cop was coming in the drive. He was probably their for me. I feel like it is to

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Can you be charged after you leave the store, or after the day of the event? Yes. A decision to go back to the store or wait this out should only be made after you have personally consulted with a lawyer licensed in Oklahoma, who can advise you of the potential consequences that can occur, and who can advise you if he can intercede with the store on your behalf, or whether you could/should. Good luck.

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