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Can you get adopted by a different family if your parents mentally abuse you?

Sydney, FL |

im 14 and for months i've been mentally abused by my parents.. i can't stand it anymore i just wanna be in a family who love me and care for me. im in a home where i cant do ANYTHING. if i even ask if im allowed to go to my friends house my parents start saying all these things like how stupid i am, then they compare me to my older cousin.. then they talk about how im a mistake and all these things. when my mum gets angry at me she shouts at me and calls me a dog and all these insulting words. once my older brother threatened to kill me because when we had an argument i ran in my room and locked the door and then he was banging on it and started saying things like hes gonna get a knife and slit my throat if i dont open the door. i just hate my life and wanna be in a different family. help!

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Contact the Florida Child Protective Team Program:


If you are under 18 and want to be adopted by another family member your parents will have to consent and sign off on the adoption.
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