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Can you get a speeding ticket without being pulled over?

Atlanta, GA |

In dekalb county, a police officer on a bike sets up this little speed trap at the bottom of a hill. When I first noticed him, it looked like he had is radar/laser gun on me. As I passed him, he looked at me and appeared to be writing down my tag. He did not signal for me to pull over and did not follow me, can I still receive a ticket?

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In theory that would work the same way as a red light photo camera. The tag information is only going to tell them who owns the car not who was driving it. I wouldn't worry about it. He may be gathering information for a change in the speed zone. He checks speed for a couple of days and determines that everyone goes 45 mph when the speed limit is 35 mph.


I seriously doubt you are going to receive a ticket for this. That office may have been doing one of a thousand different things, and it just looked like he was writing speeding tickets. However, if he did clock you with a laser gun, and he got a clear look at you to the point where he feels comfortable in court saying you were the one driving he could issue the citation. I seriously doubt this is going to happen. Remember, some places in Georgia still issue speeding tickets using airplanes so anything is possible.

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