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Can you get a court appointed attorney for divorce and child custody case?

Nacogdoches, TX |

i have no money and can not find a lawyer to take my case and let me pay afterwards is it possible to have a court appointed attorney in divorce case and or child custody case

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The Court may appoint someone to represent the interests of the child, but they will not appoint someone to represent you in a divorce. There are legal aid numbers you can call... please see the link below. They may be able to help you.

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No...a Texas court will not appoint an attorney for a divorce/child custody case. As stated in the other answer, the court may appoint an Amicus Attorney to represent the interests of the child but the fee shall be born by the parties.

Most courthouses have a law library to assist pro se [representing yourself] litigants.


Generally no. You can try to contact legal aid or its equivalent in your area. However they usually have a backlog of cases.


There is legal aid and there are lawyers like me who will help you on an as needed basis for less than you might think. There are many people like you in the current state of our economy that simply do not have immediate access to two or three or four thousand dollars to hire us to do their entire case when they can do alot of the leg work themselves. Another thing to consider is trusting the judge to do the right thing and at least try to put the facts to him or her. Good luck!