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Can you file a law suit against the local news or local police department for defemation of charactor or public embaressment?

Middletown, OH |

Was arrested/not yet covicted of F5 drug abuse and petty theft. The local news then ran a story for 3-4 days saying MPD, Middletown Police Dept. busted a "Heroin Ring" at the local walmart. They associating me with 3 to 4 people that i have never heard of or met complete with grouping our pics together. If i'm not mistaken a "Heroin Ring" is a group of people selling and moving large amounts of the drug. Will not deny the fact that i was a user but have never been involved in a so called, "Ring". Are they aloud to do that and would I possibly have a case?

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You can sue anyone for anything. Will you win is the question. I would not post any admissions on line as they CAN be used against you. In general I would say your chances of prevailing based on what you wrote here are low. You need to have an injury as a result of statements made or written, also they cannot be true. Consult an attorney. Good luck.

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can a heroin mean anything else?

Peter Stephen Kirner

Peter Stephen Kirner


Not sure i understand the question.


Probably not.

New organizations can report police activity--Constitutionally protected action: Freedom of the Press.

FYI, a herion ring MAY include suppliers and users, who together are parties to movement, sale and use of the product.

If you have an attorney, contact that individual lawyer about your options and circumstances. He/she will know best what you will and won't be able to allege.

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