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Can you drop discrimination case in federal court and take the personal injury case to supreme court the two are together

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I feel my lawyer did a whammy on me lie's and did me injustice on my case i hope i don't lose my case cause he want to please his friends and discriminate against me 7yrs 13 adjournments he said in begining he did not get paid but said when we win the case we get paid i don;t trust him he's on the city side

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This sounds like a good time to set up an appointment to meet with your attorney in his office and review your case in depth. He would be in the best position to explain why your case is taking so long. That being said, claims against any city can be lengthy and difficult to win. I'm not sure what reason you have to think that he is on the side of the city, other than the fact it is taking a long time, but you need to air this out with him. If you still are not satisfied then you can always seek a second opinion from another personal injury attorney in Brooklyn.

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If its a civil rights case, he will be paid at the end of the case under 42 USC 1988 if he petitions the court with a detailed billing record and the court is inclined to award the fee. Of course, you would have to win the case first. As Ms. Fountain notes, cases against NYC take a lot longer than other cases. Seven years is on the outer limit of the long side but it is not unheard of. But I just noticed you are in federal court. That is exceptionally long for federal court. 13 adjournments over seven years is not a lot, though. If the Magistrate wanted the case tried, it would have been tried already. So, there must be some reason the case is not being pushed out to trial. Has your lawyer given you any reason?

If your case is a civil rights action where you suffered bodily injury, the claims must be brought together

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Have another lawyer in your state investigate.


Your facts are too unclear to meaningfully comment on your post.

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