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Can you drive into canada????

Port Orchard, WA |

If you get a DUI recently and thats the only thing you ever did wrong, and the court drops it for a lesser conviction. can you still get into canada????

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You will be detained at the border. And probably turned away if your ducks are not in a row. Consult a lawyer



ok, now if everything is in order, would I be able to drive in?


The answer is probably yes. You should consult with the Canadian immigration authorities before you attempt to cross.


Before you make extensive plans you will want to consult with a Canadian immigration attorney. Although, based on my understanding, the reduced charge should not be a basis for barring entry, the border guards don't know enough about their own immigration law. They only see a record that says DUI and turn you away. As an aside, I hear many stories where the individual is not the driver and the Canadian authorities do not notice their DUI record. I personally would not a whole vacation to depend on whether the authorities notice me though.
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Patrick T. Donovan

Patrick T. Donovan


I agree.


In the past, we have called the Canadian Consulate for clients. They have been helpful. I would not just cross my fingers and hit the border.

I assume this is in Kitsap County. See if your current counsel has any room to move with the Prosecutor about alternative resolutions. The Kitsap Prosecutors are actually pretty understanding about that issue.

Best of luck.

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