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Can you do anything leaglly if someone opens a credit card in your name without your consent at a bank branch ???

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I recently got a credit card statement saying i got a credit card through wells fargo when i never applied for one and havent recived a card yet. went to the bank and question them and they told me it was open at there branch but they couldnt tell me who opened it. i told them i never gave my consent to open it and they said all they could do is close it. which would hit my credit. so i need advis on what i can do if anything cause I am really upset pls help me Thanks

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I would suggets closing the account, as having it open and owing money on it will also negatively affect your credit... then filing a police report of the situation, submitting the police report to the bank with a claim of fraud and then submitting the info to the credit reporting agencies.

much luck


Banks sometimes require that account holders open checking and savings accounts for money market accounts, and they pretty mich force their credit and debit cards on customers, too, I suppose in the hopes that the customers will use all these services once they have them. You probably did consent to this when you opened whatever account you opened with them.

And you can thank your legislators for passing all these laws favorable to the banks which allow them to do things like this. To start combating these bank abuses, always vote for the most progressive, pro-consumer (Green, liberal Democratic) candidate you can.

At any rate, this is not something to be really upset about. Something like this will not be a big hit on your credit since the card was opened so recently. Order your free credit report at to check your credit after this is all done so you can see for yourself.

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