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Can you bring back twotwotwos (222,S) from canada into the united states

Puyallup, WA |
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From a quick internet search, it would appear that 222 is a type of pill. This pill may contain codeine, which is a controlled substance in the United States. You would be taking a chance of getting in trouble by bringing this into the United States.


No. It's not legal to bring these 222 tablets (aspirin with codeine) from Canada into the US without a valid doctor's prescription and additional strict limitations.
Don't even think about trying to get something like this past the customs officers. I work in both criminal law and immigration deportation and I assure you that the US customs officers are quite good at what they do.
What you can bring back at a real bargain from Canada are cases of wine. The duty is only like .10 or .20 a bottle.

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