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Can you be written up for excessive absences, denied promotion, denied education expenses while on intermittent FMLA ?

Over a year of dealing with migraines and complications from them, I missed a lot of work. My manager asked me to have my doctor fill out FMLA paperwork to protect me. I did and returned the paperwork. The next time I missed work and returned, I was written up for excessive absences, told the company would no longer pay my education expenses, I was no longer eligible for my future promotion, told my next absence would be an immediate termination, and was told my position was technically part time even though I was scheduled 40 hours, which meant I could lose my insurance. I signed the write up and I quit shortly after because I knew the next day I was approved the day off to schedule my college classes and I couldn't predict a migraine. I've since not been able to keep a job due to the constant migraines and I can't afford the insurance or meds. It has been almost a year now. Also, the company kept my last 2 checks to repay my education expenses because I signed a contract that if I quit I would pay them back. Do I have any rights when the doctor says I may have occasional absences.

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