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Can you be removed from a work release program in jail because a bench warrant was issued while you we're in jail. HELP.

Charleston, SC |

My early release date in the work release program is suppose to be next week and another county issued out a bench warrant because i couldn't make it to the court date because i was incarcerated. What can my family do to help. We don't have no funds for an attorney, not enough time to get a public defender and I just want to get my life on the right track but i can't if i'm stuck in jail! HELP PLEASE ASAP

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Yes, missing a court date can affect early release programs and other things in the criminal justice system negatively. You need to get in touch with the court where you were supposed to appear and let them know you were in jail. You should also speak to the people at the jail you are at and make sure to not miss any future court dates. Keeping on top of everything is hard for anyone to do, let alone someone in jail but you need to get yourself an attorney and get everything straight so you can get your life back on track. Attorneys can be expensive but are worth the expense to keep you from a prolonged term in jail.