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Can you be on felony probation in 2 different states?

Atlanta, GA |

My husband is on felony probation in both SC and GA. He is trying to get all of his probation transfered to GA but his p.o. will not let him because he is behind on fees. The SC p.o. has threatened to violate his probation if he goes to GA. Can he legally arrest him even though he also has probation in GA and has to go there to report?

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Yes you can be on probation in multiple states.


Yes you can.


Yes. there is no problem with that. The state where he lives would be the one to supervise him for the other state. I would get a hearing before the judge in South Carolina to order that he can transfer and make some arrangement for payment of the fees. What difference does it make where he pays the fees and who is collecting them? You may be able to get a hearing on this by writing the Georgia judge but you would be better off with a lawyer.


Probation means other people make decisions about your life. If the SC P.O. wont let him transfer and a SC judge won't overrule the P.O., then he's stuck under the thumb of the SC P.O.

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