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Can you be in contempt of court if your not aware of the subpoena?

Clearwater, FL |

A detective said he had a subpoena for my daughter who does not live with me and said she will be in contempt of court if she doesn't show up. No documents were left except a business card. I have not seen my daughter but am now worried if I Cant tell her about this she will end up in contempt of court with a bench warrant. Do they have serve the subpoena or is it my duty to let me daughter know?

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The detective cannot properly serve you with that subpoena IF your daughter does not reside with you in your home. Furthermore, you have no duty to inform your daughter, although of course you will. My point is that you informing your daughter does not constitute service of the subpoena upon her. The detective will have to serve the subpoena upon your daughter personally, and if he can't, that's the State's problem, not yours. Good luck!

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she doesn't live here or come by here often. but will she get a warrant if they never gave me any paperwork?? your saying not unless they serve her right? is there anyway I can find out what this is all about?


No it's the sheriff's problem, not yours. However, if you do tell your daughter, it'd probably be the right move since it sounds like she should probably address whatever it is going on. Is this a criminal charge?