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Can you be found in Breach of a commercial lease if there is no documentation of an agreement of Base Line Condition?

Seattle, WA |

A friend of mine unwittingly signed a large commercial lease without having the document legally reviewed. Buried in his lease was the condition that he was responsible for executing an inspection to constitute as a Base Line Condition. There was never an inspection and no documentation or checklist exists. The lease states that nobody is in breach for terminating the lease if there is a failure to agree on the base line condition. That being said, the tenant has been fighting with his landlord about the condition of the building for about 2 years now and is ready to give up his business.

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It sounds like your friend likely breached the agreement by failing to produce the inspection to create the Base Line Condition. There can't be agreement (or failure to agree) on a base line if one was never produced to then negotiate. I don't think there is a successful argument for termination without breach here.

Your friend should seek legal counsel to review the agreement and advise him of his options.

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